Comics Anonymous at Edinburgh Comic Con 2015

ECC 2015

What a difference a year makes with a change of name from Something Bloody Awesome to Edinburgh Comic Con initially being the only obvious tweak to the event – same venue, same time of year and a similar caliber of guest but this year’s took it up a notch…..and then some.

While 2014 marked the first event and it was a great weekend (reviewed here) there just wasn’t the same level of interest at that time.  Fast forward to last weekend and it was a very different picture as Saturday was a sell-out (so I heard) and while I could only make the Sunday – it was still extremely busy.  That was echoed in the Indie folks I caught up with who were selling out of some of their issues over the course of a weekend.

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It was wall to wall exhibitors, cosplayers & fans as a mix of TV, Movie & comic book guests kept the people coming through the door in droves.  A heady mix of recognizable faces from pop-culture from the likes of Storage Hunters, Game of Thrones, Star Wars & Doctor Who represented the tip of the iceberg as guests from the local comic book scene alongside big names from DC, Marvel, Image & more helped emphasize an appealing line-up and everyone in attendance seemed to be laid back & enjoying themselves.

While that may have been enough for most there was a weekend of great panels, a charity auction, and comics, comics, comics in all their forms – be that Indie gems, some long-lost back issues or some unique sketches from great talent.  There was also a charity raffle on hand to try your luck in…….I won 3 out of 6 with my ticket choices and I’m happy with those odds.

I loved last year’s event and this only helped secure this as a local event I’m likely to attend in the future as the quality of guest, the inclusive vibe for all in attendance and the infectious excitement from the organizers was clear for all to see.  Sticking to the panel schedule in much the same way as they did last year gave a strong air of professionalism that few events manage to achieve but the panels I attended were full and fun to be at…..we even saw a couple of cosplayers recreate a Mortal Kombat battle as Scorpion faced off against Sub-Zero in one of a few theatrical moments that happened during the event.

While I thought hosting a 2-day event back in 2014 was ambitious it gained the well-deserved success in 2015 that will surely see further success in years to come.  The one result of that success may be the need to look at a larger venue or even the addition of a marquee in the square at the current venue.  Costs & planning may decide if that’s realistic but with the level of momentum built up in such a short space of time it’s not too far fetched to see that as a real possibility.

Great surroundings, great guests & a strong team of organizers helped make this another quality comic event that could and SHOULD be a permanent fixture in the calendar of events in Scotland – which will then go on to become one that will draw more local & travelling comic book fans.


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