Strange Letters to Albert

Strange Letters to Albert

Issue #1 of Strange Letters to Albert begins a ten-issue, quarterly release from writer/artist Vince Revene & artist Eli Thompson and it’s got a fairly unique feel to it.

We follow Raymond, a strange young man who’s desperately seeking acceptance in the world…..but that only attracts the type of person that make him more strange.  This opening issue sees him encounter a fellow misfit in the shape of Dots and their chance meeting ends up with her inviting him out for a drink.  He accepts and a night of drinking ends with more weird revelations between the two.


The first time meeting of strangers, the excitement that can bring and the unflinching honesty of alcohol bring with it a stark and revealing night between the two that all seems to be going well until someone calls the cops on the drunken twosome.  Things get worse from there and the chances of a longterm relationship are swiftly shattered in one crazy move by Raymond……you’ll have to read it to get the whole story though….which you really should.

While the story between the two unfolds it’s Raymond’s letters to Albert that provide the narrative…..and it’s a stark & brutally honest retelling of the story with all the weirdness laid bare for all to see.  There’s obviously a strong friendship between Albert & Raymond but I’m sure we’ll find that out for sure further down the line…..or he may well be writing to an imaginary friend for all we know as the story is a step away from the norm.


A quirky mix of characters pulled together in a quirky series of events that’s been well crafted by Vince as he captures a realistic portrayal someone trying to fit in but failing miserably.  The artwork from Vince & Eli matches the mix of crazy & normal well and there are lots to take in across this title…..from the closeness & intimacy between Dots & Raymond through to the wider expanse of the world around them that gets page time too.

I love when a title surprises me and while that happens less often in the mainstream releases I’m grateful that I can get my hands on indie titles again & again that manage to achieve that with ease.  Strange Letters to Albert is the latest addition to that list as I’m drawn to titles that are a firm breakaway from the norm which are also titles that I inevitably recommending to others.  Vince & Eli have started there title off with an amazing first issue and here’s hoping the momentum continues into that next issue.



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