Obscura : Collected Edition


Creators David M. Brown & D.N.S. recently launched a Kickstarter for their tales of horror and all things weird in the Obscura collected edition from Fifth Dimension Comics.

What we end up with in this is some pretty grim reading but in the best possible way.  A cracking mix of stories that will torment the reader as it covers some fairly strong horror themes.  Revenge, murder, demons and a gun-toting monkey shines a light on the creator’s dark ideas as this plays out across more than 150 pages of messed up madness……and it’s all great.

Bill and Lenny

Bookended by the brilliant Bill & Lenny which has the feeling of something like The Goon – it’s a crazy mix of monsters and gunfire as the two central characters shoot their way in & out of trouble.  These two stories and all the others provide some great short glimpses into dark worlds that pack a punch…….all representing a slap in the face or more for the reader as they explore the depths of the human psyche.

The stand-out story for me was Flicker Rate…..a story of the first fish in space…..which sounds obscure and it is, but there’s something really magical about it as well.  Beautifully weird in it’s own way as it somehow seems to make sense in some strange way……and it nestles in among these stories well as a change of pace.

Flicker Rate

The artwork varies across the stories as you’d expect but they all have a similar dark tone that ties them all together.  This helps capture the atmosphere of the stories well and gives an increasingly uneasy feeling across some of the topics being covered…..which is kind of the point anyway.  With 18 tales to get lost in across this anthology there’s sure to be something for everyone in this collection and at least something in here that will burrow into your memory and stay with you after you’ve finished the whole collection.  Gritty, dark beyond belief in places but the surprises are what makes this a page turner and keeps you hoping for an escape from what could well give you nightmares……..twisted but fun.

Keep tabs on this and other Fifth Dimension Comics projects over on their website & Facebook.

Go check out the Kickstarter now and help get this into print.



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