Ringa Raggedy #1

Ringa Raggedy #1

The first issue of Ringa Raggedy sets up a mystical mystery as magic and destiny mix into the struggle for power between a blue bird wizard and a kick-ass raccoon….that’s gotta be worth a look.

Run Ringa, Run.

Opening with an escape from a burning village as an unknown baby raccoon is rescued from certain death…..the pursuit begins.  We flash-forward twelve years and it’s a world of school bullies and surviving the day as Ringa holds back on using her undisclosed powers……and it’s this power that sees her become the unwilling focus of Motrol the Wizard. His mud-monster scours the village for the sign of the missing princess and while Ringa’s day goes from bad to worse…..it’s about to take a downward turn as she is soon discovered…….and Motrol knows it.

The story of school days then drifts into the more mystical elements as Ringa is forced to face the mud monster and save the bully that made her life hell….a clear indication of her drive to do good……and that’s all before facing off against Motrol himself.  Although he twists the knife a bit as he spells out her importance, his thirst for power and his hand in the fate of Ringa’s real parents……..not a good move.

Wizard Motrol

A solid opening issue from writer/colourist/letterer Jeremy Kahn as he builds a world for us to explore and while it’s billed as an all-ages book I don’t think it’s a release for anyone older than a teenager.  Not a bad thing for sure but it means I fall outside the demographic that this ends up appealing to.  That being said, there is a quirky sense of fun to it that I’m sure will be built-on on future issues.  A world of eagle wizards & raccoon princesses offers a lot of choices of where to go next.  Matt Griffiths brings the pencils & inks to the title and it’s cartoony look suits it well capturing the magic & movement as the action unfolds.  Simple but effective for the story and the writing/art combo between the two pull together nicely to give this good pace.

Quirky characters with some good plot ideas worked into issue one with it becoming better suited to a teen audience or younger as opposed to what I’d refer to as an “all ages” release.

Released through publisher Robb Entertainment you can get hold of  issue one at the links below:

Physical Copy

Digital Copy





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