Advanced Review – Death Sentence:London #1 & 2

Death Sentence: London Monty Nero cvr 1

After the recent announcement that Montynero’s Death Sentence would return this June in a new ongoing from Titan Comics….I was lucky enough to get my hands on issues #1 & 2.

Hopefully you will have read the first 6-parter of Death Sentence but if not, you should really go and get your hands on that ahead of this starting in June…..for now though, the basics are we have an epidemic where new STD ‘G-Plus’ is hitting the headlines with patients surviving for about 6 months but getting some seriously different side-effects in the form of superpowers.


This new on-going deals with the aftermath of that first release but from the beginning it’s got the instant feeling of a more epic scale to it as we move from London across the world as the epidemic spreads.  The action is still focused on London though as riots kick-off and as people develop their own powers the freedom & fear of that becomes a lethal combination to try and contain.  Two of the main characters from the first release return and we see Weasel & Verity in the midst of all the carnage supplying their own personal views to the world in the way they know best – art & music.

Power to the people

The UK government continues their attempts to control the situation and appease the masses but the media coverage shows the real world in all it’s messed up glory and with revolution on the cards there are further riots and the start of a new movement to give the people a voice……and tear down anything that gets in their way.  While this is all localized to the UK shores America has a close eye on things too.

There are ALOT of powerful ideas in this as the struggle between the public & government’s is a fairly prominent issue in the real world today and there are a few swipes at the control the government has over the masses as well as at religion which always has a part to play.  This may well court some controversy but then in context it makes perfect sense at how reactions would actually play out.  This adds an element of realism which Monty had in that first release too – tapping into pop-culture and bringing an alternate world to explore means we end up with a title that’s both new & familiar.

It’s weird that after getting an early look at the very first issue of Death Sentence way back in 2011 I’m now getting an advanced look at the latest installment…..thankfully the story from Monty Nero is just as compelling with an equally fresh feel to it.  The scale of the world he’s created has stepped up a notch and Martin Simmonds artwork equals that feeling of scale with ease.  His amazing detail captures the action, heart-ache & fear in these first two issues perfectly and the colours switch from vibrant to muted matching the mood of some pretty powerful scenes for our old & new characters alike.

A great start to this new on-going and I’m sure it’ll see more people flock to get hold of that initial run too so they can get the full story.  Thought provoking, entertaining & engaging in equal measure…’s a new Titan release to look forward to in June.

There are 4 covers for the issue #1 release too (Two from Monty Nero, one from Mike Dowling & one from Martin Simmonds) which are available to order from the April edition of Previews (APR151708)



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