The Blind #1

The Blind #1

It’s fairly easy to pick up a zombie comic these days and the exploration of the post-apocalyptic world comes down to the survivors just as much as the monsters.

The Blind sees just such a setup where the survivors are searching the country for a cure…..or at least more research that could help them get to a cure.  They train to tackle them in silence given they hunt based on the sounds made by their prey… those damn Clickers from The Last of Us.  Cycling their way from town to town and armed with nail guns they tackle the zombies with as little sound made to draw attention to themselves.


The team of survivors get caught in among a swarm of hungry flesh-eaters and while some make their escape there is more than a few casualties along the way……and that builds to a final reveal on the last page.  It’s fairly generic stuff and if you already have a pull-list or creaking shelf of comics to read that includes other zombie comics you may not find much new in this one.

That being said, there is a pretty solid setup in this first issue and parts 2 & 3 will surely build on the world created by writer Jack Lothian.  Alan Brown on art, pieces together some solid imagery on those pages that captures the mix of frenzied, high paced escapes and solemn acceptance of casualties really well.  Brown’s colouring, particularly around the damn zombies brings the gruesome, eye-gouging attackers to life……well…..un-life I guess.

lock n load

A world changing virus may not be new but I’m sure I’ll hang around for those next 2 issues and see how things work out and if the covers are as stunning as this one then that’s an instant draw for anyone whether they are saturated with zombie comics or not.

Go grab a copy over at the BHP website.




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