Preview – Death Sentence : London

Death Sentence London

After an early look at issue #1 of the first series of Death Sentence back in 2011 & then catching up on issues #2-6 released through Titan – it was great to hear that we’ll get more from Montynero this June with new ongoing series Death Sentence : London.

Montynero is joined by all-new rising star artist Martin Simmonds to continue his story of sex, drugs & superpowers.  The cataclysmic effects of Monty’s G-positive super-rampage through London are still being felt…but where are series icons Weasel and Verity?! And what happens when the Americans – and special agent Jeb Mulgrew – get involved?!

Created by writer Montynero and artist Mike Dowling, Death Sentence was a hit with reviewers, retailers and readers the world over. With Death Sentence: London, the scope is bigger, the action bolder, and the storyline more controversial than ever!

Death Sentence: London #1 comes with 4 covers to collect and is available to order from the April edition of Previews (APR151708)


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