The Red Mask From Mars #2


I caught up on the Origin & issue #1 of The Red Mask From Mars fairly recently and was hyped to get an early look ahead of it’s release in April.

Picking up where things left off the Red Mask and his team are knee-deep in shark aliens who are protecting a strange egg that appeared in issue #1.  The snappy quips are there and it’s swept from a Men in Black vibe to an all-out B Movie action vibe……which is probably the best kind of vibe to have.  A subtle Tremors mention in there had me nodding my head in admiration as naming the alien invaders gets Graboids thrown in as a name suggestion and that in itself had me loving this book.


The all-out action keeps this flowing along at a great pace but the brief interludes for recon between the team and the government back at base are regular enough to let you catch your breath. It also allows the addition of a new character being called in to help calm the situation down and while we only get a glimpse of him on his current job I’m sure we’ll see more of “The Wulf” in further issues.

The team’s situation back at the crash site takes a turn as the spacesharks spread their attack around the country while leaving the mysterious egg under a newly generated force-field……which traps one of the team members.  More one-liners and fun roll out as we coast to the cliffhanger on the last page and it’s a wild ride of an issue that you’ve just experienced.

I got this....

Involving, funny and with much more still to offer given some of the glimpses of other characters and a world of possibilities.  Vincent Hunt continues to build on what he did in the Origin & issue #1 with writing, drawing & lettering that are equally well-crafted which is a great achievement in itself.  The colouring across issues #1 & 2 by Shaun Dobie add that cartoony edge to it but it fits in with the whole world being created extremely well and helps sustain a strong feeling of potential in what’s to come next.

Issue #2 will launch at The Birmingham Comics Festival on the 18th April plus you can keep track on other issues and further appearances over on the website or Facebook page.




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