Preview – Post Mortem #0 : The Harvesting

Post Mortem

Setup as a preview for a horror trilogy –  Post Mortem: The Harvesting gives us a glimpse of what to expect from this Close 2 Immortality release.

It’s a suitably grotesque build-up as two surgeons start to slice and dice an unidentified victim who lays flat out on the operating table.  Seemingly taking in ever detail as he lies awake but unable to speak and once they have removed what they need – they leave the scene as quick as they can leaving our victim to bleed out and probably scream in his head to find out what’s happening….although the arrival of additional characters in the last few panels leaves this open as an even bigger mystery.


This is a perfect way to get a look at the potential in this title as it’s powerful horror of the highest order – unsettling but you can’t turn away as you have to see what’s next.  The creative team behind this of writer/producer Phil Woodward, writer William Wismer, penciller Jaime Martinez, Inker/Colourist Santiago Ramos & letterer Mindy Lopkin combine well and although it’s a short look at what’s to come there’s enough talent on show to pique most people’s interest.  Horror is a genre I’ve been gravitating towards more recently and it’s titles like this that help drag me in further……great stuff.

You can grab this preview for free here with a Kickstarter due to begin on April 14th for the trilogy Skin & Bone, Blood & Bone and Flesh & Bone……..something you can keep tabs on over on Facebook and on Twitter.



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