Sexcastle TPB


As absurd as that title is……this release from Image Comics is one of those titles you feel the NEED to tell others about as soon as you’ve read it.  An homage to the best & worst that 80’s action movies had to offer written & drawn by Kyle Starks.

Starting with the birth of Shane Sexcastle our central character and it’s clear from the beginning that he was destined for a life of action & killing but he’s now keen to leave that all behind him.  The World’s Greatest Assassin seeks an easier time of things in a small town where Shane befriends florist owner Jo & her son and he’s soon drawn back into a violent world when he has to take care of the local debt collector who’s giving Jo a hard time.


This marks the beginning of the end in his quest for a new life and he’s soon drawn back into a violent world with the local goons taking him on.  His instincts kick in and he gets the upper-hand quite quickly but not without a few one-liner’s and the first glimpse at the true genius behind this title.  With a new job in the florists we soon see Sexcastle coming face to face with the local big boss, head honcho, numero uno – Wes, a rich, eccentric nemesis for Shane to face off against and taunt while he does it……..but he walks away from the deal he’s offered as he’s out of the “violence business…..and while that doesn’t go down to well….Sexcastle couldn’t give a shit.

Next up for Sexcastle is a fellow assassin Chou who is focused on killing him and then soon becomes the love interest (much to the disappointment of Jo) and all just in time for her to be kidnapped by Wes and used as a pawn in a typical good vs evil game.  Of course, that also brings with it a who’s who of assassin’s group that are assembled by Wes to wipe out Sexcastle. Things steps up a notch from here on out as writer Kyle pours his love & knowledge of almost every 80’s action movie onto the pages and the first use of the word “fucked” as a sound-effect that I can remember.

best sound effect

Things descend into all-out war with good ultimately triumphant but the you wouldn’t expect anything else…..what’s important here is that you’re along for the ride.  Punches, bullets & more one-liners fly across the panels and although the story is recognizable throughout the crazy edge and random elements that Kyle throws into the mix come as a surprise every time.  Some are funny others are plain old shocks but his attention to detail and simple artwork make this a pleasure to read……and then re-read…….and then recommend.  Corny, crazy, action-packed and an instant classic in my eyes and it’s kudos to Kyle Starks for creating a character that’s a mix of every action hero I’ve ever cheered on while creating one of the craziest weapons you’ll ever see used by a man named Sexcastle.  Another must-read from Image Comics.



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