Chrononauts #1


The latest Millarworld release sees Mark Millar team-up with artist Sean Gordon Murphy to bring us a buddy comic that’s creating more than it’s fair share of buzz already.

Our two main characters Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly are scientific geniuses aiming to start some new adventures as time-travellers or at least that’s what they’re planning to be in the opening of this first issue.  The two characters are perfectly suited as Corbin travels the world gathering evidence of artifacts displaced in time and he sees enough of these to fuel his own designs on how to achieve his goal of going back in time.

Corbin Quinn

Ahead of those first steps into the past though is a televised experiment as they send a satellite back to the 1800’s and catch a glimpse of the soldiers involved in the civil war back in 1863.  An event as significant as the moon landing sees these images being beamed across the globe and the initial success gives them the hope of the next steps in the experiments……a manned mission.  Fast forward 18 months and we find out a bit more about our two adventurers with Corbin making his peace with his ex-wife & Danny trying to set-up his next wife.  Different characters taking a different approach to they’re world-changing next steps but that makes them all the more likely to be a good pairing for this title moving forward.

Cue the first steps into the past and an almost expected case of things not going to plan…..but even that can’t shatter what is an amazing start for this new title.  It’s issue #1 of a four issue series in volume 1 (of 3 the Millar/Murphy pair will work on) but it’s already got a summer blockbuster feel to it.  Millar’s smart, savvy writing finds a perfect partner in Murphy as he captures the tech & overall feeling of scale with ease.  Making it an instant classic after just one issue and with it already being picked up by Universal for a celluloid conversion it’s fairly obvious of the potential that crackles across the pages.


The story flows well with it becoming another fantastic addition to the ever-expanding list of Millarworld titles that break free of the superhero genre and harness the potential that will see them become bigger & more significant than we know.  It’s amazing that one issue can make you count the days to issue 2 AND start wondering when you can hit the cinema to see it…..a common thing with Millarworld release more than most it seems.



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