Delia Awesome #2

Delia Awesome #2

After a more than awesome issue #1 – Michael Schneider brings us issue #2 of Delia Awesome with more fallout from the post-breakup & post alien-abduction events surrounding our central character.

We pick up where we left off in that first issue with Delia lying on her floor, hand trapped in the wall she just punched it into as she crash landed…….and her pets not doing much to help her current situation.  After an inventive few pages she finally gets herself free and her ex Rick replies to the barrage of voice-mails that have been left for him.  This is where we get onto the real focus of this issue and the fallout from her abduction & her current state of mind about her ex starts to become all the more evident.


It’s this bittersweet element of Delia’s psyche that gives an element of realism to the whole story and the nonchalant way the abduction is dealt with gives it a far less significant edge……at least so far.  Her meeting with Rick brings that element to the surface as they have a heart to heart that seems to clear the air about their break-up, their awkward meeting in issue #1 and settles us into a familiar tale of girl meets boy, girl loses boy, girl gets abducted by aliens, girl finds boy again.

The art from Schneider is just as consistent as it was in that first issue and while there may not be as much action as there was in that first issue – the well-paced one on one between Delia & Rick remains engaging throughout.  The absurd elements stay comical and don’t distract too much from the more serious topics that are being discussed between the two which combine with their familiarity & an element of natural humour that exists in the release.


It may be just two issues in but there already feels like a massive world to explore and the human elements, the humour and the nonchalant dealings with the alien abduction make this an instantly likable tale.  Quirky, messed up characters that are just trying to deal with the situations they find themselves in as best they can…..and Schneider writes & draws that to perfection.

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