Bragnoc – Genesis: Prologue


After recently starting a Kickstarter to fund the first set of issues of what looks to be a whole universe of comics the first teasing episode was released at this year’s LSCC on the 14th & 15th March.

The Genesis saga gets the ball rolling and this short 16-page Prologue introduces a world of sci-fi & superheroes that sees the human race reach for the stars in a quest for survival.  Overpopulation has forced the world into considering it’s options and the first part of this issue sets that up with some back story of civil war, cybernetics and a new world order in the form of the government in charge, known as The Caretakers. The opening flashback sequence is told in a grainy set of sketch artwork and at first this seems a bit rough considering the cover but it’s only when you get past this do you realize just how smart a move that’s been.

945286e2c63fc82d36a1ce624bfcd8ea_originalFollowing this the fallout from the Civial War the corrupt world they are now in becomes all the more evident as New London speaker George Anderson is summoned to UK Caretaker Keith Murray’s office.  The dark shadows do their best to help mask the sinister plot that ‘s obviously going on but the drip-feeding of details is well-paced and and helps build a solid foundation to what will surely be an impressive title.  The story from Michael Melim combines with the slick, sultry artwork from Botos Vlad & Javant Simeon Mall to create a comic that’s full of tension and mystery that draws you in further.  Letterer Lucy Isaacs mixes things up well as she flips between narrative & dialogue smoothly and this completes an extremely impressive creative team.

Knock, knockThis results in a teaser that helps achieve more in 16-pages than some mainstream titles can achieve in 16 issues – an attachment to new characters based purely on the setup from the creators behind it.  As soon as I finished reading this issue I added my pledge to the Kickstarter in the hope that they DO manage to reach their target and build up their impressive world in future issues……I’m hoping more people will do the same.

You can find out more about the release and the groups plans on the Bragnoc website and keep tabs on the progress of the project through their Facebook & Twitter pages.



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