Deathgift #1


Following a successful Kickstarter earlier this year OverDark Comics bring us issue #1 of DeathGift with plans for much more to come.  One of many issues I picked up from this year’s London Super Comic Con.

Opening in the futuristic city of Metatron in the year 2034 we see our bloodied central character regaining consciousness in a dark, damp alleyway.  The overwhelming pain is something he can’t dwell on for too long though as the cops are after him with backup on the way.  Our main protagonist isn’t one to give up too easily though and his focus on his escape & apparent mission seem to be driving him on through his suffering.


The title oozes style and with a dark, funny & violent story from writer Scott Duckett it has enough going for it to interest you from the beginning and keep you turning those pages.  Similarly the artwork is slick as hell – moreso from the images on the Kickstarter than the printed copy as it does seem to lose something in print…..that being said the dark alleyways manages to mask that pretty well but I wonder how it’ll fair in future issues.  The lettering could be a bit cleaner & consistent too but it doesn’t distract too much from the overall vibe of the issue…….and the two page spread showing his escape car The Commander highlights the stylish artwork from Headkutter.

The Commander

This leads us into a chase from the cops and his ultimate goal of getting through to his employer and completing his latest job.  Meeting with his employers disapproval seems to mark the end for our anti-hero central character but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case with this one.  A good opening issue with some areas to improve and build on but it’s got a suitably dark & moody feel to it that will appeal to many….me included and there’s no reason why this can’t go on to achieve that with the potential that is on display in this first issue.

Keep tabs on the progress of this and future issues through the Overdark Comics Facebook page & Twitter



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