Malevolents – ‘Click Click’

Click Click

Launched last year through the Great British Ghosts – Malevolents is a series of ghostly horror stories that gets an official release this year through Geeky Comics.  I was lucky enough to get an early look at book one, ‘Click, Click’.

Telling the story of four old school friends spending the night in an abandoned, haunted house in London.  In typical old school horror fashion the night closes in and the time for a chilling story comes with it.  Until recently I haven’t been a massive fan of the horror genre and only a few mainstream titles have grabbed my attention.  That seems to be different when it comes to the Indie comic world as there’s something a little more raw & realistic about the stories on offer……of course, that could just be my luck with what I’ve been able to pick up.

click clickA suitably chilling & grotesque story is passed around the group and the history of the house and its unexpected resident is laid out with just enough detail to mess with your head.  Writer Thom Burgess does a phenomenal job of keeping the details held hidden in the shadows to keep the sinister edge clawing at your mind as you read.  It may take a while longer to read through first time round as you’ll be checking over your shoulder & under the sofa just to be sure but the magic of this first book is that you’ll want to read it again as soon as you’ve finished.

The artwork from Joe Becci is just as crucial to the overall feel of the release too as the dark, shadowy pages and hint at what happens between panels plays a significant part in how powerful a read this proves to be.  Grim detail and controlled reveals help build a suitable atmosphere to add to the scares and make sure this sticks in your mind beyond that last panel.

trouble sleeping

A great addition to anyone’s reading list let alone any horror fans and one that’s helping convert me to the genre with ease – kudos to the creative team of Burgess & Becci as they’ve nailed it with this first book through some classic ghost story elements and set expectations high for what’s to come next.

Go check out the Malevolents site & Facebook page to grab a copy of book one and keep tabs on progress on books 2 & 3, expected later this year.




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