InvisibleWriter Gary Chudleigh & artist Graeme Kennedy may have already teamed up on Villainous (#1, 2 & 3) but their latest collaboration is Invisible (not literally!).

Released through Obscure Reference comics we see Gary & Graeme take on the DC Thomson creation The Invisible Dick and give it a modern twist set in a Scottish high school.  Bullying and typical teenage awkwardness follow Rick Dickson every day and the latest bumbling mistake while aiming to talk to his crush is the beginning of what seems like a typical downward spiral in a world where you wanna just disappear.

Invisible - way home

The difference here is – its wish granted in the beginning of a superhero/coming-of-age story that ticks all the boxes for a troubled teen meets super power combo.  At least that’s how it starts as telling his Dad the secret turns out to be not as much of a reveal as Rick expected……it’s more of a family tradition.  Invisibility may run in the family but so does an evil arch-nemesis & we’re soon on the trail of a kidnapped dad, a plot for revenge and controlling powers for the greater good.

Invisible - like father, like son.

Chudleigh does well to build the characters and the mix of tortured teen & the discovery of powers is kept at a steady pace to keep the whole tale interesting.  It may well tread some previously explored ground but there are enough fresh elements to make it a worthwhile read.  Kennedy’s art is good too and while I would have preferred some more detail in it – there’s a definite improvement from his days on Villainous.  The Chudleigh/Kennedy team work well again to reinvent the DC Thomson creation with some style & bring in the subtle Scottish elements which may not work for everyone but it adds another dimension to relate to.  There’s also the added bonus of an open ending that could bring us more down the line.

Check out the Invisible Comic website for more info and look at the Obscure Reference site & Facebook page for more details on this and their other titles.




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