Abominable Glory

Abominable GloryWriter Martin Hayes & artist Chris Askham team-up on Abominable Glory from Markosia – a war story with a difference set to launch at this weekends London Super Comic Con (14th-15th March).


Set in the Himalayas in 1943 we see a plane come down in the snowy mountains with a spy with a head full of secrets on board.  Cue a group of Britain’s Elite Commandos heading to find the missing spy and hopefully bring back the secrets to help hasten the end of the war.  A fairly standard war story to begin with but the mystery grows once they find the plane and much more than they bargained for as the surroundings reveal who else is out to find the spy.

The icy surroundings bring us far more though as war mixes with horror to bring two sides after the same spy with an unexpected element proving to be the end of most of our search & rescue team.  Grim in places just as the surroundings demand but Hayes mixes each of the elements well to bring an enjoyable yarn with well-paced twists & turns to keep us guessing what the team are up against…..and even after some big reveals there is still more to come.


Askham’s grey scale artwork suits the story well & while it has similarities to the likes of White Death (Charlie Adlard) the combination of the grim surroundings, the harsh realities of war itself and the monster mystery builds to give this a strong pace and sense of purpose.  A bittersweet ending is just the icing on the cake as it ties all those elements together with war, horror, mystery and more combining well.

A great addition to the Markosia titles and one to look out for as Martin and Chris will be signing at the Markosia booth from 10-12 on the Saturday and Sunday of LSCC.




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