The Believer #1 & 2

Believer 1 & 2

Electro-Magnetic Press bring us the first two issues of The Believer by Larry Morgan…..a typical superhero story of good vs evil but with a twist.

The story centres around a world where the 13 most dangerous super villains have escaped from prison and a new masked hero arrives to save the day.  At least that’s how this plays out at first as The Believer arrives to make a difference but not all is as it seems.  The mystery surrounding this new hero on the block is the real driving force behind this title as the super-villains check all the boxes in what we’d expect from a superhero book……but rather than sticking to a run of the mill series of events Larry weaves in a number of difference elements along with religion, mystery, superhero and with a fine balance between them.

The Believer himself is driven by his faith and the need to do right but there’s an interesting reveal at the end of the first issue that flips that on it’s head.  The main villain, The Midnight Man is more than just the nemesis for our hero and the blurred lines between the fight for good and evil is smartly laid out.  I initially worried that a comic with a religious element could somehow become preachy but thankfully it never strays into this territory… instead uses that to emphasize the positive approach a faith can be…….be that in a religion itself or the ability to do good alone.

The artwork is fairly simple and while it doesn’t have a great deal of depth…..I’m glad they stuck to black & white…….although I think I’d like to have seen more grey-scale in there to mix things up.  Without it, there are a coupe of pages that have an expanse of white which had me wondering if I should be colouring it in rather than reading it.  The main thing though is that the story keeps things fresh by throwing in some other twists and turns throughout the 2 issues so far.

It won’t be to everyone’s tastes but then there’s few titles out there that will appeal to everyone and while I’d have liked some variation in the artwork there’s some good story elements in there that keep things interesting as the Superhero mystery plays out.

Check out this and their other titles over at the EMP website & Facebook page.



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