Escape from Coatbridge #1

EscapefromCoatbridge 1

After loving issues #1 & #2 of Gavin Boyle’s Rapid Gazzer I was even more hyped to hear that his new book was a parody of Escape from New York with a Scottish edge to it.

New York is replaced by a futuristic Scotland in 2047 after a failed referendum lead to civil war and Coatbridge becoming a penal colony to hold the most dangerous criminals in the country.  Tommy Vango fills the shoes of Kurt Russell’s Snake with a Rab C Nesbitt vibe to our unsung hero/vigilante.

EFCB - 2047

After a brief introduction as Tommy’s attempts to steal the Stone of Destiny are foiled – he’s “recruited” by the men in charge to enter Coatbridge and recover the Trident missiles that ended up in the hands of the worst criminal gangs in the penal system.  They make it sound so straight-forward but things were never going to be that simple – they tool him up and send him into the lion’s den hidden among the latest batch of criminals being sent to the colony.

A quick misdirection later and Tommy is deep in the bowels of Coatbridge with a new gang formed with local girl & guide for his visit.  Along the way we take in a life or death game of kirby and an even bigger moment of life & death in the last few pages as we end this opening issue on a cliffhanger….leaving us with the age old questions of who survives and  who doesn’t.  I’m sucked in already.

EFCB - Tommy

Gavin nails it again with his writing as he’s in tune with his characters and with a respectful nod to the elements of the movie that made it a classic.  An homage with a strong vein of humour in it that had me giggling and laughing much like I did with his Rapid Gazzer issues.  Punchy and to the point with the humour blending in with the adventure easily as he fills us in on the background to the situation Tommy finds himself in.

His artwork is tight and stays consistent as he switches between highly detailed and simplistic to match the needs of the story.  The Scottish slang is used well in this release too, much in the same way as it was in Rapid Gazzer and while that may limit the audience this will appeal to…..i’d hope that it wouldn’t stop this being a success.  It’s a funny, engaging book and it’s the kind of comic I’ll read and then re-read straight afterwards to experience the same laughs and pick up any subtle elements I may have missed while chuckling my way through first time round.

With Gavin on writing & art duties the issue feels complete in it’s creative skin as the single vision of what the story is and where it should go keep this trucking along at fair pace and while this may be an early copy of the book…..I’m already revisiting his previous release and wondering when Gavin’s next book will be out.  Take a gamble on this and you’ll be rewarded with something unique which may well build on your own love of the movie it’s based on…..and you’ll be sure of a good laugh too.

Check out this, Rapid Gazzer and Gavin’s other projects over on the Rapid Comics website now.



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