Lowlives #1

Lowlives #1

Creators Tom Sacchi & John Ward bring us Lowlives – a crime-thriller set in Greenwich Village in the 1950’s where Jazz and turf wars are the order of the day.

Central character Jim finds himself quickly drawn into some trouble on the streets as he steps into save a local girl from a heavy-handed gang and that soon spills over into some trouble that almost ends with him being killed.  Thankfully it’s not cut so short as he’s rescued by local trumpet-player Booker & nursed back to health….although stays unconscious for most of this opener.

Mean streets

That lets the seedier side of the Village be shown in all it’s 1950’s Jazz-soaked glory as mob rule & strip-clubs paint a picture of the grim reality of a post-war NYC.  Jim’s lack of consciousness brings with it a dream state for him that leads us to find out a bit more of his past and Tom & John do a great job of merging these plot threads well.  The pacing is steady although I’m hoping it picks up in future issues & the introduction of these new characters in a new world makes is well handled making this a strong opener.


Giles Crawford on art & Dan Thompson on colours give it a whole new dimension though as they mean streets are given a typically gritty feel in a Belgian comics style.  Think a Tin-Tin style mixed with a Sin City story and you’re on the right track.  This won’t be for everyone which is true for most titles but this represents the start of something that has the potential to be a significant addition to the indie comic world……stylistically it’s a surprise we haven’t seen something Tin-Tinesque before….or maybe I just haven’t caught the titles that are but Lowlives is well suited for it…..and I can see this getting better & better.

An early look at issue #2

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