Kickstarter for Samurai Slasher

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Tomorrow at around 10am GMT Mike Garley (Eponymous, The Kill Screen #1 & #2) hits us with his latest project Samurai Slasher and it sees him create a comic anthology based on a fake 80’s slasher film………I’M IN!

Having already enjoyed Mike’s work and having had an early look at the stories themselves I can’t wait to get my hands on a physical copy.  Not JUST for Mike’s involvement but for those artists too and it’ll be fun to see the 80’s slasher make a comeback.

Samurai Slasher is a comic anthology based on a fake 80s slasher film. Written and created by Mike Garley featuring the incredible talents of Andy W. Clift, Gavin Mitchell, Kristina Gee, Wynn Ryder, Nathan Ashworth, Mike Stock, and Jon Scrivens. The Samurai Slasher is a fun and loving look at the slasher genre, which follows the eponymous katana wielding menace, as he slasher his way through feudal Japan, a lakeside retreat, and a gallery exhibition, before finally being confronted by the army.

The Kickstarter features a bunch of incredible rewards such as an original soundtrack (composed by Ian Alex-Mac), an incredible 80s styled movie poster (illustrated by Michael Lee-Graham), hand-painted samurai dioramas (sculptured and hand painted by Jason Bakutis of, as well as the opportunity to star in the comic itself!

Samurai slasher figure

With an impressive & unique set of Kickstarter awards it’s one that’s definitely worth considering for your support……I’m secretly hoping that the battery in the picture is about 6 feet tall……but I’m probably hoping for a bit too much there 😀


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