Wynter #1

Wynter #1

New Worlds Comics bring us Wynter from writer (and CEO) Guy Hasson – a tale of a typical seventeen year-old in a futuristic world that may not be too far off the mark.

It’s a world where everything comes down to numbers in the end & that is used to keep her constantly reminded of how unlikely she’s ever going to be classed as special.  Harsh for sure but in a world concerned with how many people look the way you do or how many people think & act the way you do……is it any wonder she’s less than impressed with her own day-to-day life.

It’s as far away from the “with great power comes great responsibility” message that you may associate with a comic book teen but the inner rebellion that burns inside that age group is the driving force for this as Liz Wynter loses herself in her own head.  Partially assessing the relationships she has with her friends as they could become potential partners or are already less interesting previous partners….it’s all part of the mix with the added element of cyber crime.  Mainly in the form of stealing the latest apps from unsuspecting passers-by that give them a glimpse into the possibilities around them and the probabilities of what events could unfold.

Liz and Shane

Liz is a strong central character and the narrative from Guy keeps this from becoming a slow burning story into a steady-paced sci-fi thriller with enough nods to the modern world & other well-known sci-fi tales but with a clear sense of it’s own world that’s painted in a unique light.  The twists and turns for Liz and the reveal on the last page of this issue hints at much more than a throwaway commentary on pop-culture in a sci-fi setting.  Then there’s the artwork from Aron Elekes which has to be viewed in all it’s glory to be believed.  The detail form Aron and the fully-painted feel to characters & surroundings give it that hyper-real edge to it that make the events all the more convincing.  Sci-fi done properly can open up a new world of ideas & Wynter seems to tap into that with ease as Guy & Aron combine well to bring us what turns out to be a hidden gem.  Great stuff.

Catch-up on this and more titles over at the New Worlds Comics website & Facebook page now.



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