Papercuts and Inkstains #1

Papercut and Inkstains #1

Robin Jones writes issue #1 of Papercuts & Inkstains that started out as semi weekly column which has become a mix of three stories covering horror, humour & sci-fi being released by Madius Comics.

Joined on this opening issue by artists Dan Butcher, Mike Smith, Kevin Pospisil and Nick Gonzo as the three very different stories play out as Harold and Madge face off against the Yorkshire Zombie Apocalypse, The Brotherhood of B.O.O.B.D.A.E Attempt to bring forth the apocalypse with the help of Waitrose and Holland and Barrett and finally we follow a day in the life of a time war adjudicant.  An obvious mix of themes but Robin tackles each with the same care and attention and dialogue is key to each of those & it’s natural & flowing across each of them.  Artistically they vary in style but manage to keep a similar level of quality that ties the whole book together nicely.


First up is Kevin Pospisil as he tackles the zombie apocalypse in “By ‘Eck On Earth” which proves to be a short, punchy story with real honesty & heart as the older couple try to survive the impending attacks – the regional accent helps break it away from another zombie tale and you’ll get a chuckle from it.

prop o doom 3

Mike Smith then comes at us on “The Profits of Doom” and the detail & shading used in this one makes it the most visually attractive but it’s also insanely funny for it’s absurd story which makes this the stand-out tale of the three… least for me.


Last, & by no means least is Nick Gonzo on the sci-fi tale “No” which brings a time-travelling, cyborg-dinosaur element into the mix….which in itself is a clear indicator of the elements being thrown into this first issue.  This one felt a little short and I didn’t feel like Nick got the chance to show of his art as much as the previous two stories but it did manage to fit-in with the general vibe of the release.  Special mention has to go out to Dan Butcher for that impressive cover too.

Robin, Nick and Brad Holman run Madius Comics as this new production house aims to release fun, interesting and challenging comics and to create a stable environment for writers and artists to produce that work together….and with a title like this on offer…..they’re meeting their goal with ease.

Final release of #1 is yet to be decided but head over to their website to get your hands on the title as soon as it’s out & keep tabs on their future releases on their Facebook page too.



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