Esoteric Dialogue #1

Esoteric Dialogue #1

Two Tone Comix bring us a surprise package with Esoteric Dialogue #1 – a comic with a far bigger message than I first expected.

Writer Scott Bufis & artist Matthew Salazar create a comic with a familiar style as the first few pages have a real R.Crumb/American Splendor feel to it and it tells a fairly important & unique story… least for a comic book.  It centres around trying to reveal the truth about the world we live in and uses the comic book medium as a limitless choice to tell us exactly that.

ED1 pg 1

The world you live in is vastly different from reality as five key groups work to manipulate the things you see and ultimately the things you believe.  The representatives for religion, the banking system, the media, the military and even extraterrestrials gather around a campfire to play out their own board game/card game that let’s them structure the control they have over the general public.

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Perhaps an area that comics stray away from at times but one that is embraced here with passion and a true sense of informing the reader of the possibilities…….OK, the elements are fairly extreme but the control that’s placed from these world powers is far more real than what we see on the pages of any comic.  The main difference here is that the creator’s are willing to shine a light on those elements that would normally slip under the radar……or maybe elements that would be kept from our view.

The comic book format may seem like an indirect way to convey that message but cult comics have conveyed the unsaid truths for year’s and it’s about time we had a more recent release that dared to do the same.  A solid start for this release that should hopefully be built on in the second issue.

Check out the Two Tone Comix website & Facebook page for more info on this and the next issue plus you can get a copy over on Indy Planet.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the Chicago area in June – Two Tone Comix will be at the Chicago Alternate Comic Expo with issues #1 & #2 on offer.



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