City of Lost Souls #2

City of Lost Souls #2

Writer James McCulloch & artist Janine Van Moosel team-up for City of Lost Souls #2 and after a disturbingly dark & violent opener…..I was more than happy to get my hands on a preview copy.

We left off with serial killer Matt Jordan teaming up with Ki, the short guy with all the knowledge of death and the demons that prey on souls.  They’re slipping under the radar but Matt remains haunted by his victims after his return to land of the living following his suicide.  We learn more about his victims and now that he can see their souls as they follow him around……it’s constant torture for our anti-hero Matt.  The demons are still in pursuit and Matt, Ki & their ghostly entourage try their best to stay as sane as possible while they keep ahead of the pack in their search for the mysterious City….that may well be fake anyway.


There’s far more to this issue than a mere chase as Matt’s tormented mind sees him start to realize the error of his ways… least in part.  Convinced that he killed those who deserved it he moves on to finding new targets in the shape of a “real” piece of work when they stumble across the home of a child killer.  Honour among thieves seems to spread to murders & serial killers as harming the young is a step across the line.  Something that Matt gains some sense of credibility with by taking care of this newly found evil in the only vicious way he knows how.  This could be a new purpose for Matt but it’s surely only an extra element to add as the City remains the main goal.

Real evil

Dark doesn’t really seem to cover this release as it’s gritty, grim and pulls no punches but the violence isn’t forced, it fits in with the whole feel of the release & while this is definitely a Mature title in the strictest sense of the word, there is still a positive element that prevents this slipping into a more grotesque case of glamorizing violence.  The black & white art is perfect for it too, given the good & bad elements that exist it seems to capture the mood far better than a wider colour pallet would.

You can get hold of both issues over at their website store now & keep tabs on further updates over on their Facebook page.  You can catchup with them in person too at Sunderland Comic Con, Edinburgh Comic Con, Birmingham Comic Festival & Glasgow Comic Con this year with other appearances still to be confirmed – check my list of events for more info.



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